How to Start a Consulting Business – Case Study 3

How to Start a Consulting Business – Case Study 3

100 Masterminds host Ray Blakney speaks with JC Spears, founder of the consulting business Mobile Minion. JC provides a range of consulting services to businesses aiming to help them grow, scale, and conquer their niche. JC is working to revamp his brand and re-launch his website – and in the process has come into contact with some pretty interesting  (and successful) people.

On launching a new website:

  • Site is (at least partially) launched! The process has been smooth.
  • JC expects that developing a new business model for an existing website will help him scale his business and reach a wider audience.

On his new direction:

  • Doing a 2-phase launch of new website, including a free week for certain members donation matching. and other online marketing direction. Other marketing campaigns will follow.
  • Partnering with Founders Live, the startup publicity event company. Will be part of their event in Boise, Idaho. Can get in touch with Clickfunnels and ConvertKit.
  • Working in tiers on launching the site, taking things slow and thorough.

On his mastermind’s role:

  • JC’s mastermind group has brainstormed ideas for the site with him, as well as offered feedback on different directions for marketing growth. They also provide a good amount of humor.
  • Teach people how to form, organize, and run a mastermind. Many people pay to be in


  • Launching an online business is best done in stages. Those who try to push through the process too fast will likely overlook certain things, particularly in the realm of development and marketing.
  • It’s important to approach outreach and marketing with an open mind. Catering specific sales/deals/concepts to target audiences is better than just running basic boilerplate ads.

Further reading:

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ConvertKit: a CRM for business owners looking to up their email marketing and retention game.
Clickfunnels: Create digital sales funnels for funding/selling your idea or product.
Mobile Minion: JC’s consulting business website.

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