How to Launch a Motivational Cards Product – Case Study 2

How to Launch a Motivational Cards Product – Case Study 2

Today Ray continues his case study of Heath Armstrong, diving deeper into his forthcoming release of a physical product – The Sweet Ass Domination Deck. Heath walks Ray and their mastermind group through the process, including things that the group members have helped him with and changes of thinking that have occurred along the way.

What steps have been taken?

  • Sent design to graphic and visual people. Believes that the cards are ready to go for the most part. Does it matter if only a graphic designer notices certain flaws?
  • Are promotional steps ready to go? Heath is running a campaign encouraging buyers to tag photos on social media in an effort to win free stuff. This hopes to increase visibility and create a strong buzz online.
  • It can lead to multiple epiphanies – often, each meeting will offer one or more useful takeaways

Heath’s Ah-ha moments

  • Learning on converting with Instagram ads and other forms of digital marketing
  • In other news, Heath is cutting back on quantity in favor of quality regarding another project, the FBA Library.

How is he feeling about the process?

  • As viewers/listeners of the 100 Masterminds Podcast ep. 1 and 100 Masterminds Project ep. 1 have probably learned, Heath has an eccentric personality. This has guided the creation of his physical products and helps distinguish them from anything similar on the market.
  • Heath feels positive about the release, and the design of the Sweet Ass Domination Deck. All systems go!
  • Heath’s mastermind group has been instrumental in brainstorming how to move past problems and setbacks in the process of designing and building the Sweet Ass Domination Deck.

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