How to Launch a Blog, Podcast and Vlog – Case Study 1

How to Launch a Blog, Podcast and Vlog – Case Study 1

100 Masterminds Founder Ray Blakney introduces the 100 Masterminds Project and runs the idea though – of course – his own mastermind. How is Ray going to find 100 mastermind groups to record? How much work is this going to take? It seems doable – and Ray is all in.

This is the episode where the 100 Masterminds concept gained  validation, and when the decision was made to fully commit. That’s the gist of today’s show – but here are the details, links, and further reading.

On what makes a good mastermind:

  • You don’t have to call a mastermind group a mastermind group. Many things – from Alcoholics Anonymous to daily conversations – can serve as a mastermind.

On what the 100 Mastermind Project is:

  • An initiative to record 100 masterminds over 2-3 years in order to showcase the wide variety and uses of mastermind groups.
  • To help mastermind groups see how other groups handle their setup and meetings.

On goals for the 100 Mastermind Project:

  • Record masterminds and use the footage and growth of the project to begin attracting big-name entrepreneurs and eventually gain access to record their Mastermind.
  • Teach people how to form, organize, and run a mastermind. Many people pay to be in one, and there is a gap between the beginner and someone who is very experienced.
  • Shine a light for people who can benefit from a mastermind, who might otherwise not know that.
  • Set up a ‘Tinder for Masterminds’ platform where entrepreneurs/freelancers can come to find mastermind partners.
  • Partner with online communities for entrepreneurs


  • Does the Mastermind ‘match process’ work? According to Tiffany Noro, and the general consensus of this group, Mastermind Groups have a higher success rate when the members come together organically.
  • Organization is key in a Mastermind. Facilitators must stay on track and not become over-opinionated.
  • Ray needs to reach out to Natalie Sisson, Sean Keener, and other online influencers with entrepreneurial followings – this will be a big part of the outreach for 100 Masterminds.

Further reading:

These ‘Masterminded’ books are available

Ray’s company Live Lingua provides info on his background, and his content site Teacher Indie is a great resource for digital nomad online teachers.

Links for today’s Mastermind Members:

Heath Armstrong: RageCreate
Tiffany Noro: The Bellydance Bundle
Lily Fouts: Lily Ann Fouts
JC Spears: Hot Mess Art

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