Tim Wenger


I am a Denver-based journalist and copywriter. My primary focuses are on SEO-optimized web copy, and niche feature reporting.  I have a BA in Communications from Fort Lewis College, and spent a decade playing in a punk rock band where I fell in love with travel, good food, and local drink. Seemed only natural to pursue a career path that allowed me to continue pursuing the same.

How did you find your mastermind group?

Through an online community.

How long have you been in mastermind groups?

2 years

Describe one thing that happened in your life, personal or professional, that would not have happened without your Mastermind Group?

I’ve been able to troubleshoot specific issues that otherwise would probably have landed me in expensive conferences or on Udemy in order to get through. The group has helped my transition from thinking of myself solely as a writer into thinking of myself as a businessperson first, who happens to pay the bills with writing. It’s an interesting line of work that requires constant out-of-the-box thinking, and the mastermind group has helped me to hone my entrepreneurial skill and spirit.

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