Melody Henriksen Highman

Melody Henriksen Highman

House Sitter

My husband and I are digital nomads, global house sitters and have been traveling the world the last 18 months. Previously from Denver, Colorado, we sold our home, packed our goods and are now continuing a life-long passion for traveling the world. I have been mentoring with a professional writer and building my skills as I seek to write fictional novels that are set in interesting locales. This spring we will be volunteering in Poland and The Czech Republic, teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).  In June we will be hiking The Camino de Santiago via the Portuguese route. Being a nomad is not without its challenges. However, selling our home and quitting our day jobs has allowed us to experience life in an exciting and new way!

How long have you been in mastermind groups?

About three years.

Describe one thing that happened in your life, personal or professional, that would not have happened without your Mastermind Group?

Networking on a global basis. Meeting fellow travelers with the same travel priorities and world perspective. It adds an element of accountability which is always key in meeting one’s goals. Global friendships!