Goni Boller

Goni Boller

Molecular Biologist & Clinical Trial Manager

I am a Molecular Biologist and Clinical Trial Manager who decided to go traveling 5 years ago. During my travels, I got into scuba diving, became a diving instructor and finally started blogging about my underwater adventures. A year ago I started a new project together with my uncle about how to live a content life. At the moment I am writing a book about that as well and am starting a new blog to go with the book.

How long have you been in mastermind groups?

This is my first mastermind group. I joined over 1 ½ years ago

Describe one thing that happened in your life, personal or professional, that would not have happened without your Mastermind Group?

I wouldn't have started the second project with my uncle and would definitely not have started to write a book. I feel way more confident about what I do and it feels great to know that other people do have the same questions, struggles and successes and can, therefore, better understand what I am going through.


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