The “Mastermind Slap”

The Mastermind Slap

The “Mastermind Slap”

We just gave you the mastermind slap!

I can’t take credit for this phrase.  Tiffany Naro from Journey Through Egypt  came up with it today during our mastermind meeting today. I loved it so much I started writing this article right after the meeting was over.    The “Mastermind Slap” is on of the most important goals of a mastermind group.  To give you a better idea of what it is, let me paint a picture on how the phrase came to life.

It was a dark and stormy night and all the residents of this quit town were inside their houses, unaware of what was waiting for them …

Wait, no.  That’s a different story.

This Mastermind Slap story started in a much less dramatic way, on a sunny day, in front of our respective computers.  My bi-weekly mastermind group was meeting and we had just finished the hot seat session for one of our members.  The session had started with her asking us for help in figuring out what product or service she could create and sell in addition to her speaking and writing work in order to bring in more income.  She loved to write and wanted to do it for the rest of her life.  “I would do it for free” she said.  But she also realized that, even though she was already a published author, it takes time to build up an audience and sell enough books each month to live off of.  During the course of the hot seat session we were able to get her to realize that, not only was creating a product not the right thing for her to do, but also that if she did do it her work and life would not be what she wanted.  She came to the realization that she had been fixated on an idea that was not correct for her, or her life goals.   At the end of the meeting, as she was thanking us, Tiffany told her “we just gave you a mastermind slap!”

This story demonstrates one of the most important roles of a mastermind group.  The “mastermind slap“.  Ideally a mastermind group is an environment where people feel comfortable to be honest with each other about ideas and feedback.   Comfortable both giving and taking.  In our meeting, when we were saying we did not think her current plan was a good one, she did not take it personally or get offended.  She knew were were saying that with her best interests at heart.  Sometimes, we all (I do it all the time) fixate on something and it takes people who are not emotionally vested in an idea to come and slap us into the realization that what we are doing is a bad idea.

Do you have any experiences either giving, or receiving, a mastermind slap? If so, please share it with us in the comments below or contact us to tell us directly.


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