Roles in a Mastermind Group

Roles in a mastermind group

Roles in a Mastermind Group

One of the most important factors of a mastermind group is that everybody feels comfortable sharing and being honest with the other  people in the group.   This is one of the things that separates a mastermind group meeting from a meeting with your team and boss.  There should be nobody who is “above” the others in the group.  That being said, it is necessary for there to be some predetermined roles in  mastermind group.  These roles, when done well, allow the meeting to run more smoothly and stay on track.  By assigning roles to certain people they are able to complete certain duties without the rest of the group feeling like somebody else is trying to take control.

Here are some of the basic roles that can exist in a mastermind group.  The facilitator and secretary roles are necessary in any group.  If somebody is willing, they can be both the facilitator and the secretary.  The other roles can help for convenience, but depending on how your group and meetings are arranged, they may not be necessary.


The facilitator is the most important role in a mastermind group.  It is their job to make sure the conversation stays on track and everybody gets their turn to contribute.  Before starting your meetings you should all have agreed on a format as to how the meetings will be.  If you haven’t done that, you can read about some of the different formats in our article on different formats for a mastermind group meeting.  It is the facilitators role to determine the order of who gets to go as well as keeping people within the time limit for their time (so one person does not go on for the entire time allocated for the meeting).   By having a designated facilitator you can avoid people get offended when they are told they are taking too long and that the meeting needs to move on.

One additional technique that works in some groups is to rotate the facilitator after a set number of meetings so the everybody has a chance to do the task.  This also helps to avoid the feeling of one person being “in charge” of the group.


The goal of a mastermind group in to help each of the members reach their goals.  Normally, this does not happen overnight.  It happens in small steps, day by day, over the course of weeks, months or years.  This makes tracking the progress of each member an integral part of a mastermind group.  The easiest way of doing this is to assign one person the task of taking notes on what everybody says during the meeting and emailing it out.

Another option, if you are having the meetings online via Skype or another system is that you can also use software to record the meetings and send a copy out to all the members.  If you are going to choose this route make sure you read about the next role on the list, technical lead.   What I recommend is that even if you do record the video is to still have somebody be the secretary to write out the important notes.  Sometimes you won’t be able to remember a resource or site somebody recommended in the meeting, and it is much easier to scan some notes than it is having to re-watch a 1-3 hour video.

Note: If your mastermind has a budget, you can actually pay a service like to transcribe the video for you.

Technical Lead

This responsibility will be more relevant if you have your mastermind group meetings online, but will also apply to people who have groups in person.  The technical lead is the group member responsible for making sure all the technology necessary for the group to have its meetings are set up.  This can mean helping people create Skype accounts, answering questions if a camera is not working, or teaching people how to share documents online.  If your meetings are in person it should be the person and you want to record them, this person should be the one responsible for the bringing and knowing how to operate the recorder or camera (or the smartphone if you are just using apps for both functions).

Now keep in mind that this person does not need to be a computer engineer.  It should just be somebody who either has, or is willing to learn how to use the technology you use during your mastermind group meetings.

Head of Logistics

This is mostly for people who take place in physical mastermind groups (those that meet in person at a physical location), but at the end of this section I will also go over how it can be used in online meetings.  The head of logistics in your mastermind group is the person who should be responsible for arranging the place of the meeting and any other amenities (food, projector, etc) that you may need for the meeting.  If you meet at a conference hall, co-working space, or restaurant it would be the responsibility of the head of logistics to make sure there is reservation for you and your group.  If you have a day long meeting, they would be the person who arranges for catering.   That is not to say that the head of logistics has to do it all themselves.  They could simply be the person responsible for delegating the tasks for the logistic between the members.  But in the end, they would be the one who makes sure everything comes together.

If you have virtual meetings, then the head of logistics would not have any regular tasks.  But I strongly believe that even an online group should try to arrange to meet at least once a year in person.  If this is possible, the head of logistics would help arrange this meet up.

That’s it.  As I mentioned in the beginning, the only roles that I believe are 100% necessary are the facilitator and the secretary, and in smaller groups they can be the same person.  Assigning a technical lead and head of logistics is optional, but it can help down the road so that everybody knows who to turn to in any situation that may come up in the meetings and it does not take any time away from the meeting themselves.

Have any questions?  Do you have different roles assignments in your mastermind group?  Let us know in the comments below, or email us directly through our contact us page.

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