Mastermind Group Archetypes: Super strength with super weakness

Super strength with super weakness "Superman Man of steel" by CyrilT. See more art by this artist at

Mastermind Group Archetypes: Super strength with super weakness

Knowing what archetype you are is a key part of figuring out who to join into a mastermind group with and for figuring out how you can contribute to the other people in your mastermind group.  Today we are going to talk about the archetype that matches up to figures like Superman.  A person with great strength in some areas, but some very real weaknesses as well.

// The Story.

They didn’t stand a chance.

You floated above the scene.   The landscape before you is littered with the barely recognizable parts of what used to be a robotic horde numbering in the thousands.  Behind you lies the city you just saved from total annihilation.  Your tetririum battle suit, made of crystals that reflect all light, still shines unscathed.  The horde had been armed with the latest technology in laser technology with the power to wipe out cities in a matter of seconds.  They had thought they were unstoppable.

But they were wrong.

When you appeared before them, a mere minutes ago, the horde of robotic warriors had laughed.  Or what passed for a laugh among robots.  You gave them a chance to surrender, but instead they turned their weapons on you.  In perfect unison, like only machines can do, they fired.  That was the biggest, and last, mistake of their robotic “lives“.  As their laser beams meet your suit, the crystals did what they were designed to do and reflected each beam back to where it came from.  In seconds, the entire horde lay in ruin, destroyed by the weapons that had until now lead them from one conquest to another.

As you are hovering over your victory the citizens of the city run out screaming your name in thanks.  They bear flowers and gifts.  The euphoria in the crowd is palpable.  Since they can’t reach you in the air, they start throwing the flowers at you in adulation.  In the chaos, you don’t notice that mayor of the city among the crowd.  Instead of flowers he has a large metal replica of the key to the city to give you.  He gets caught up in the excitement as well, and throws the large metal key at you as the others are doing with the flowers.

He did not know.

As the key hits your tetririum battle suite, the crystal suit shatters.  The brightest minds in the land had created the ultimate super weapon to fight the invading robotic hordes and their laser weapons, unfortunately they had not thought of the possibility of anybody attacking you with a flying metallic projectile.

Your final thoughts as you plummet to the ground is “If only a member of your team, the League of Extraordinary Masterminds, had been here to stop the deadly projectile this may not have happened…

// The Lesson.

Is this you?

In our mythology there are many superheros that fall into this category.  Superheros who have overwhelming strength in some circumstances, but a total and crippling weakness in others.  Superman and kryptonite.  Achilles and his heel.  Garfield and his love of lasagna.

The “super strength with super weakness” category

Archetype Pros

A person in this with super-strength is an expert in their chosen field.  They have worked for years in this area and constantly worked to hone their skills and become an expert.  Within their field they are able to fix any problems with no assistance, using  the tools they have and know well.


  • A computer programmer: Great at writing code.  They are able to design and write complicated pieces of software to do anything he can dream up in cyberspace.
  • A salesperson: Can sell anything to anybody. They are able to read a person and push just the right buttons to make you want to buy.
  • An artist: Can create beautiful works of art on the fly.  They are able to use any medium to come up with a work of art that people fall over to own.

Archetype Cons

Their super-strength gives them tunnel vision.  This is the inevitable side effect of focusing almost exclusively on one skill for an extended period of time.  It makes them a master of the skill but they have to sacrifice any potential gains in other areas as a result.


  • The computer programmer.: Can’t figure out how to transfer a specific piece of confidential data to his boss with current hardware system.  Never thinks of just walking to the next cube and telling their boss the same piece of information (Ray’s full disclosure:  while I am not a rock-star programmer… this did happen to me)
  • The salesperson:  They are on the way to what could be the biggest sales meeting of his life.  The tire on their car foes flat.  The salesperson does not know how to change a tire.
  • The artist: Their artwork is world renowned and they are selling them as quickly as them make them.  One day he gets a known on his door from the IRS.  They ask, have you filed the taxes on your sales?  They answer “taxes?”

Application in Masterminds

A person with a “super-strength” should look for mastermind group members that have skills super-powers that compliment theirs.  This does not necessarily mean that their people in the mastermind group have to be from different industries (see our article on the ideal mastermind group composition).  They can be in the same one as you but you should make sure that their background and superpowers are not exactly the same as yours.  Otherwise the entire group will simply be a long self-affirmation series.  

One of the purposes of your mastermind group are to bring your attention to your own weaknesses and provide you with ways to overcome them.  So when you if you are somebody who falls into this archetype, first take some time to be brutally honest with yourself about what your kryptonite is.  Then find a place in a mastermind group where their are people who do not have the same vulnerability.  This was you can have protection for your crystal armor.

Do you belong in the “super strength with super weakness” archetype?   How have you used your strength to help your mastermind group and how have they helped you overcome your weaknesses.  Share your stories with us!  Use comment section below or use the contact us page to let us know.

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