The Ideal Mastermind Group Composition?

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The Ideal Mastermind Group Composition?

Who you are in a mastermind group with may be one of the most important decisions of your life.  These will be people you share your trials and tribulations with, and who’s goal it is to help you reach your full potential both in business and personally.  That is why it is very important that the people in your mastermind group are a good fit for you.  But how do you know?

// The Story.

T-minus 1 hour.

That is all the time you have to stop the end of the world as we know it.  As you stand on the top of one one of the tallest buildings in the area you look out over the city.  Your city.  They sky is overcast just like it is in every stereotypical Hollywood movie you have seen.  The street is quite.  The people know what is coming. Those who could have left.  Those who couldn’t have found any “safe” place they could and are praying for a somebody to save them.  Despite being the moments before your biggest challenge, and what may very well be your biggest failure you crack a smile.  Your internal voice asks…

Are you the hero they are all waiting for?

You crack a smile.  “Maybe“, you think to yourself.  But you know you are not alone.  Standing with you on the roof is your team.  Each with different backgrounds some dressed in street cloths, others with capes while others in cybernetic suites of incredible power.  You’re all here for the same goal.  If one of you falls, the others will pick you up.  Everyone brings to the table their strengths, and use them to cover each others weaknesses.  All is quiet, but there is tension in the air that is so thick that you can almost taste it with every breath you take.  It is coming.  But you’re all ready.

The only ones who can stop it are you and your companions from the League of Extraordinary Masterminds

// The Lesson.

This is you.  You are standing at the top of that building, looking out over your city, or your life and are about to face it down.  What “it” is can vary, from a problem in your business, challenges in your personal life or a super-villain bent on dominating the world by summoning demons from an alternate dimension.  It doesn’t matter.   The key is that you have a team – your League of Extraordinary Masterminds – ready to help you tackle “it”.. or do you?

It is time, as the super-hero in your own story, to ask yourself if your mastermind group is the best fit for you to meet your goals.  If you aren’t in a mastermind group yet then the answer is simple.  No.  If you are already in a mastermind group, then you should take a hard look at the group to see if it is the right team to help you reach your goal.  This may seem cold, but this goes both ways.  If they are not the right team for you, then there is a good change that you are not a good fit for them either.

Let’s do a simple thought experiment.

1) If your goal is to build a successful multinational company which super hero would be the best fit for your team?

Tony Stark (aka Iron Man)

A) Billionaire Businessman Tony Stark (aka Iron Man)

Steve Rogers (aka Captain America)

B) Steve Rogers (aka Captain America)

2) If your goal is to train to be a marathon runner, which super hero would be the best fit for your team?

A) Aquamane

A) Aquaman

B) The Flash

B) The Flash

3) If your goal is world domination, which super villain would be the best fit for your team?

A) Dr. Victor Von Doom

A) Dr. Victor Von Doom

B) The Brain

B) The Brain

Ok.  So the 3rd one is a trick question, since as we all know both Dr. Doom and The Brain would be amazing additions to a mastermind groups who’s goal was world domination.  But for the first two question there were obvious answers.  While both Captain America and Aquaman have their strengths, they may not be good fits for the goals in each question.

This is of course a simplified version of what you need to do.   Your mastermind group may be best able to handle your personal challenges if it has a wide variety of people with different super-powers (experience and background) or it may do best if all of the members have the same powers if your goals are very specific and in a certain industry.

So take some time to take a close look at your team, and be brutally honest with them.  If your team is not a good fit, then let them know, for the good of the team.  You may however find that the team is what you are looking for, but you may notice that your team has a weakness.  In that case the solution may be to add another person to the team to fill that weakness.  Creating this perfect team may take time and as your goals change through out your life, the team may as well.  Don’t worry if this happens.  It is all part of the process.  As long as you don’t burn any bridges when you leave a team, the members you have worked with in the past will always be there to help in the future if you need.

Do you have your own League of Extraordinary Masterminds?   If so, share your stories with us!  Use comment section below or use the contact us page to let us know.

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  • JC Spears Reply

    Great article! I think there is something to be said for the understanding component cost of your goals as well. If, for instance, you wanted to build a multinational conglomerate that was centered on containing climate change or repairing damage done to the world’s ecosystems, then I would work my ass off to get both Tony, Cap and Aquaman in my group, because 2 of them lead large organizations, 2 of them have experience navigating government, and all 3 of them are known for their integrity in speaking their mind to friends and to power. All extremely useful perspectives in my new world-spanning/saving conglomerate.

    February 6, 2018 at 10:59 am

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