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In a world that seems more and more divided, it is now more important than ever for there to be ways for people to meet and share ideas. Whether this be in the entrepreneurial, educational, political or any other sphere we can all grow by sharing. That is the core tennent of a mastermind group.

What 100 Masterminds Project?

Hi, my name is Ray Blakney and I am the founder of the 100 Masterminds Project. The idea for the project started in 2016 when I joined my first mastermind group. While that group itself did not last, I loved the idea and potential from the start. Since then I have been privaledged to take part in a number of other groups and I learned a lot from each and every one. I was hooked! So I decided to go out and start finding out more about mastermind groups and the most effective ways to use them. To my surprise I found very little on the subject. Within 2 weeks I had read all the books on the topic on Amazon (not that impressive, since there were only 5, and 3 were very short) and made my way through the almost everything I could find on the internet. But even after that, I did not find what I was looking for. So, I decided to set out on this journey to find out myself.

What am I looking for you ask? To put it simply, I want to know "what makes a great mastermind group"? I figured, the best way to find that out was to be a fly on the wall in 100 different mastermind group meetings to document what is working and what is not working in each one. I want to document and share answers to basic questions like:

  • How do people find their mastermind groups?
  • How many people are in an average mastermind group?
  • What is the demographic breakup of the groups (male vs female, ages, professions, etc)?
  • What makes people stay in one for the long-term?
  • Specific successes that mastermind group members have achieved thanks the their group?
  • Does the group have a professional facilitator? Does that help?
  • etc...

Like anybody starting out on a journey, I don't even know what I don't know. Through this journey of the 100 Masterminds Project I plan on interviewing authors of books on the topic, professional mastermind facilitators and members of active mastermind groups to find out all that I can about this amazing topic. And I will share each step of the journey with you guys, so you can also find and be part of a successfull mastermind group.

Ray Blakney - 100 Masterminds Project
Ray's obligatory professional looking photo - 2017